Notary Services Queensland
Notary Services Queensland
Notary Services Queensland


Prompt, efficient and professional notarial services by an experienced Notary Public and Solicitor.
Conveniently located at Springwood Queensland just off the M1.

  • Don’t just come into the office unannounced, you will need to call and make an appointment first.
  • You will need to show the Notary evidence of identity, similar to 100 point bank requirements e.g. a current and valid passport or driver’s licence with photographic identification.
  • The Notary may be able to provide a fee estimate over the telephone but, until the Notary sees the document(s) and matter in hand, it is often not possible to give an accurate fee estimate.
  • If the document is not in English, you will need to establish whether the Notary will require a translation to be obtained first.  Usually, provided the person signing the document can read the document a translation may not be necessary.
  • The Notary will need to be satisfied that you understand the document you are signing. If you do not understand the contents of the document, you may need legal advice from the another Lawyer or the Notary himself (given that Notaries Public in Queensland are all lawyers).
  • You should give the Notary any instructions you may have received from the foreign country so that the Notary can endeavour to ensure that the requirements of the foreign country are satisfied.
  • If you are able to email a copy of the required document to the Notary before your visit, this will save time and possibly expense.

Randal Binnie

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1800 609 685

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Monday to Friday 8:30am - 5pm | Out of office hours by prior arrangement

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Family Lawyers & Mediation Services, Pacific Place, 10 Old Chatswood Road SPRINGWOOD QLD 4127 AUSTRALIA



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